For most business people, Trade Finance is a financial offering which is not well-known to them.

Essentially, it is confirmed order funding, which means TAEFL buys goods and sometimes services from suppliers for our Clients, so they can fulfil their orders when they don’t have the capital to pay suppliers themselves.

We credit insure our clients or their buyers, so no matter where the buyers or suppliers are, we can fund the transactions. Be it domestic or International trading, we have several facilities to offer our clients and the facility offered will be based upon the needs of the client.

Below is a simplified version of how it works:

Large orders for SMEs could be turning points for those businesses. Quite often SMEs will have difficulties with cash flow and if a large order is lost, the growth potential could be restricted.

With Trade Finance provided by TAEFL, SMEs have the confidence to take on large orders and enjoy the economies of scale larger competitors already have. In short, SMEs can compete with much larger businesses on a level playing field.

Trade Finance Services Provided:

We Can Take The Performance Risk On You