Whether it’s importing, exporting or goods movement internationally, TAEFL can support your orders.

It can be daunting to do business internationally but with the right security in place, it could be the lift your business needs to grow. TAEFL will guide you through the paperwork, help arrange freight and packing and also clear goods through customs.

If you are trading in any market and require funding for orders contact us.”


Services Provided:

  • Funds for up to 75% of your Sales
  • Deposit payments to suppliers
  • Payments made and received in foreign currencies at no extra cost
  • Multiple deposit payments to suppliers
  • Freight, marine insurance and packaging arrangement
  • Customs clearance (VAT & Duty payments)
  • Credit control

TAEFL supports importers and exporters who are trading with credit worthy buyers or on secured payment terms. TAEFL has supported trade in Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

We work in partnership with a shipping company so we can be a ‘one stop shop’ for SMEs. This reduces your workload because all the shipping expertise can be provided by us.

We are involved with the logistics of the shipping process and know where the goods are at any one point in time.


If your suppliers are abroad, TAEFL can make deposit payments to them to allow the manufacturing process to begin. The outstanding balance is paid according to the agreed terms with your supplier. Freight can be arranged and support will be given to clear the goods upon reaching the UK.


Once you have completed the manufacture of your products, TAEFL can arrange for them to be sent to the nominated destination.

International movements

There will be times when suppliers and buyers are overseas, so there is no sense in bringing the goods into the UK for them to be sent out again. TAEFL can arrange to have the completed products sent from the suppliers direct to the buyers, regardless of their location.