customer order journey

  • purchase order
    from the customer

    we can advise you on funding availability when negotiating purchase orders from customers

  • pay suppliers

    we pay suppliers to agreed payment terms - deposits included

  • production

    we help with monitoring status of production at each stage prior to shipping

  • delivery to the

    we can help the client present documents and deliver goods through our shipping team

  • invoice customer

    traditional invoice finance can only help at this point but how can the client finance the production of their goods?

  • get paid
what do we do?
  • help Small/medium enterprises fund their business
  • provide funding against orders for exports or imports and UK businesses
what are the criteria for funding?
  • all types of businesses who have orders
  • must be a limited company
  • have a minimum 25% gross profit margin
  • must have a creditworthy party – either the client or the customer
  • no commodities, perishable or bespoke goods
what makes us different?
  • we understand our client’s business model and can adapt accordingly
  • can help finance at point of order
  • can pay the suppliers
  • relationship focused
  • have access to our own funds so we can make the decision in house
what are our fees?
  • charge 0.1% per day when funds are out and a 1.5% transaction fee
  • no fees for Foreign Exchange
  • a one off set up fee
what next?
  • we can produce an offer and if accepted we can advance funds in a matter of days
  • you can email
  • or contact us on 0121 794 0280