Although cashflow finance supports many businesses trading in the UK, it’s not always a good fit for everyone. Most companies use traditional products, such as invoice financing and factoring. These products do not always provide the solution for SMEs who are ‘shoehorned’ into a product that is not suitable.

That’s why TAEFL offers a tailored solution of cashflow finance. If you have a confirmed order with a creditworthy buyer, we will pay your supplier. When payment is received from the buyer, you are then paid your profit. Therefore you have the confidence to take on large orders and enjoy the economies of scale which larger competitors already have.

If you answer yes to the 3 questions below, then we can help:-

  1. Do you have confirmed orders from creditworthy buyers?
  2. Is there a strain on your cashflow?
  3. Is your profit margin 25% on these confirmed orders?



For further information check out our Order Finance page.


If you have answered yes to the above questions please get in touch. We could help grow your business”

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