TAEFL has access to over 40 financiers globally, each has their unique way of funding SME’s. This gives our clients choices in the way they can obtain finance.

Many businesses believe that the clearing banks are the sole source of finance, the market has changed and continues to develop.

TAEFL’s experts tailor solutions that meet clients’ needs and work with clients based globally.

Clients benefit from using experts which gives them:

  • access to new lenders
  • saves time
  • provides choice.

TAEFL provides an advisory service to clients using the experience of our consultants to help SME’s. Clients can tap into the experience of senior directors who have faced and overcome the same challenges that SME’s are facing today.

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Alternative Funding

TAEFL supports SME’s to identify funding opportunities and create solutions and choices for their clients. Traditional funding is no longer the safe solution. SME’s have choices and can consider a variety of funding tools. A new breed of lenders can support SME’s both in funds and level of security.

One Solution is Peer 2 Peer (P2P) lending. P2P has increased significantly over the last 7 years. TAEFL has access to some of the major lenders and can tailor a solution to meet most cases.

Many people confuse P2P with crowd funding, which has traditionally been used for equity-based funding where borrowers give away shares for funds.

The P2P lenders are regulated by the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority and offer higher interest rates both for deposits and loans. The trend is for P2P lenders to move into the clearing bank space and to use the same risk measurement tools.

TAEFL can help SME’s prepare a carefully presented business case delivered to the most suitable lender.

This give the SME another tool in their toolbox to obtain the funding they need. TAEFL has supported several companies in obtaining P2P funding.


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