Recent deals completed for clients


Premium motor car design requires attention to detail

In-car entertainment is certainly an important component of vehicle design, with speakers mounted at strategic points to provide what is hopefully an inconspicuous array of wrap-around sound. TAEFL has become involved in funding the purchase of tooling for one of the companies which supplies the advanced equipment which forms and presses out the grilles which protect the speakers. More >>


Enabling makers of engineering tool to fund early orders

Maximising engine efficiency in vehicles and aeroplanes involves a process of micro-finishing moving parts in a vehicle engine. This achieves a level of finish such that there are effectively no microscopic undulations which could impede oil flow. A UK company based in Bristol would claim to be a master of that particular process; one of only a handful of players in this field and a renowned specialist in finishing engine components for both the automotive and aero engine sectors. More >>


Funds help realise the potential of ingenious invention

Matrix Structures was established at Telford in Shropshire to design, manufacture and market steel-framed buildings for applications as diverse as garden offices, workshops, park homes, temporary display premises and school classrooms. The potential market for steel-framed ‘quick assembly’ buildings is considerable and largely untapped apart from ‘cowsheds’ – steel framed structures usually with thin panel walls; more often associated with farms than industrial applications – and certainly not for domestic use. More >>


£74k moves agricultural invention into production

An agricultural equipment distributor in East Anglia has been handling a range of machinery for a high profile manufacturer since 2002. One of the more popular lines is a system for planting maize seeds which should end the Summer as animal food or as the input to bio-digesters. It is capable of drilling and inserting 45,000 seeds to the acre, a density which ensures a good yield – subject to weather conditions – while leaving the maize plants far enough apart to be ‘dusted’ while they grow against pests that can wipe out 20% of a crop if left unchecked.  More >>


£150k assists luxury goods designer manufacture cost-effectively

The best known car marques sell on the strength of their brand image, and a reputation for attention to detail. Companies selling their luxury lines into these manufacturers must excel at product design and then be able to translate that into products which further enhance the brands they are supporting. A UK company has a track record in this field. It has been designing and sourcing luxury goods for premium brands since 2000. It has built its own reputation delivering quality products to a spectrum of customers including high-profile motor manufacturers.  More >>


£20K funding helps video specialist develop new opportunity

LED screens are established features at large scale events such as sporting fixtures and pop concerts; the scale of the application justifying the cost of manufacture and installation. The economics of building LED panels, however, precluded this technology from use at smaller scale ‘community’ events where the inherent flexibility of the medium had a potentially huge but unrealisable future. A West Midlands company had identified the revenue-earning applications for video panels. £20,000 funding from the TAEFL organisation has helped it break into a new area of that market. More >>


£50K facility enables flooring stylist to finance contracts

Property styling can make all the difference between a new-build being sold before the paint has dried, and remaining (expensively) on the developer’s books for months. A handful of specialist interior design companies work on the all-important show houses for developers to give them a ‘must have’ feel. These suppliers are sure of their payment if they deliver on time and to specification. But the strength of a contract does not mean that the supplier will find it easy to fund the purchase of the materials they require.  More >>


Letter of Credit backs solar power sale to Africa

Securing a contract to supply electricity generating facilities to an African country would be a feather in the cap of any exporter. When the order is placed by a national government in the region, the prestige of winning such a contract increases by an order of magnitude. A British company recently found itself in that fortunate position after a year of negotiations and competitive tendering. The deal was to supply a turnkey system delivering 200KW of off-grid power to a village community.   More >>


£75k to help Printed Circuit Board maker fund orders

The recent experience of a PCB producer in the English Midlands illustrates how important access to funding for orders has become. The company, which has been plying its trade in PCB development for a quarter of a century, had previously secured third party finance to enlarge its operations. What was beyond the scope of that funding was covering the cost of supplying PCBs to meet new orders. One such order was secured from an internationally renowned IT company, but the cost of producing the boards in China had to be financed.   More >>


TAEFL assists a client to establish new banking facilities

When a bank takes a commercial decision to move out of an area like trade finance, the effect can be just as disturbing for its clients. Their ability to trade may be severely impacted upon unless a suitable replacement package can be put into place. A TAEFL client was faced with that particular problem  when an overseas-owned bank wanted to leave the UK market. With an ‘involvement’ of some £8 million with that institution, it had to identify another bank that would take on its business and provide similar or improved terms to those with its existing banker. More >>


TAEFL support helps keep a CIC on track

Complete Kidz was established to support children and young people,  their parents and families. The catchment areas are Sandwell and Birmingham and the Black Country area of the West Midlands. Its objective is to offer a non-statutory alternative community-based approach to education, sport, art and nutrition activities. The company’s funding comes primarily from delivery contracts with local authorities and the educational establishments whose students are being assisted by Complete Kidz. The timing of receipts rarely matches the demand for funds.   More >>


Drinks company sources finance appropriate to its needs

A UK start-up had identified  a substantial call for new types of health drink. Retailers across the country were keen to meet their own customers’ likely demands in the immediate post-Christmas and New Year period. Giving the retail trade products which allow vendors to capitalise on that demand can prove a major challenge for any entrepreneur.Faced with the prospect of losing out on this opportunity through lack of funding, the company contacted TAEFL, which has given its client access to flexible finance which ensures that its client can  develop its business. More >>


TAEFL called upon to provide support for UK exporter

Financing orders is a growing problem faced by SMEs which cannot get their bankers to finance those contracts during the development and implementation phases. The TAEFL group of companies has worked successfully with many SMEs since its inception to bridge that vital gap in the commercial process. Exporting is not always plain sailing for larger companies, however. Resistance from the banking sector may be lower than for an SM, but there are situations where even these businesses have to look outside their own resources to solve problems which arise.  More >>


Funding allows property stylist to manage work flow

The styling of a new property styling can make all the difference between having it sold before the paint has dried, and remaining (expensively) on the developer’s books for months. A handful of specialist interior styling companies have carved out a niche for themselves working on the all-important show houses for developers. The market for dedicated retirement homes is an important sub-set of the total property scene; inevitably a growing sector which requires a careful focus on the styling to differentiate the successful sales from the also-rans.  More >>

Flying start to export business

Trade finance gives UK company lift-off

A company based in the West Midlands has developed a solution for boarding aircraft from the tarmac which extends far beyond the benefits to the occasional wheelchair user. It replaces the flight of steps with an inclined ramp from ground level to the passenger door. The gradient is sufficiently shallow to handle wheelchairs, baby buggies and the growing proportion of often elderly but otherwise able-bodied passengers who prefer not to have to climb a steep staircase.  More >>

Innovative business solutions

Innovative consumer product wins support for orders

Car air fresheners traditionally contained colourless scented liquid hanging from rear-view mirrors. But are they the best that can be achieved? What happens when they ‘expire’ or the liquid inside the modules escapes over the interior of the car, for example? Two UK developers believed that they could do a better job in this high-volume freshener marketplace. Their solution involves ‘locking in’ the scent to the molecules of a moulded plastic material, and appears to tick all the boxes regarding cost, longevity of the scent and physical durability in the confines of a family car..   More >>

The best of British engineering

Loans complete purchase of engineering company

TAEFL was approached recently by the team looking to purchase an SME engineering company which had been set up more than 30 years ago by its owner. It was a specialist operation with a strong reputation for innovative solutions and was a key sub-contractor to at least one vehicle engine builder. With retirement approaching, and the need to extract the benefits of three decades of hard work, the owner was relieved to find a company prepared to acquire the business and its assets.    More >>


£50k funds acquisition of manufacturing system from China

There is a UK company that knows all about manufacturing doors; a process where reliability and cost-control are essential given the number and variety of doors required across the construction sector. It doesn’t build the machine that builds the doors, but has developed the software which controls the manufacturing process from end to end. The entrepreneur behind the development spent time and resources researching the market for equipment that could be driven by his software to achieve the end product with the high technical specification involved.   More >>

Fire Extinguisher

£50k funding enables UK distributor to seize opportunity

When a UK entrepreneur with a strong background in health and safety encountered a compact and technically impressive fire extinguisher at a trade show, he had the industry knowledge to realise that there was a gap in the British market for such a device. Fortunately, an exclusive UK distributorship for the product had become available. Given the small size of the extinguisher, its pricing and the extensive range of fires which its active ingredients can address, the potential demand in the UK was immediately apparent, as was the route to market.  More >>

Funding a social enterprise

Social Enterprise company attracts financial facilities

Recognising the commercial reality that social enterprises face in meeting their valuable objectives, the Trade & Export Finance group of companies recently became involved with such an organisation in the South Midlands. TAEFL understands the constraints under which such organisations operate, having established a relationship earlier in 2015 with Complete Kidz, a Community Interest Company. The company in question had been established to fill a niche in the employment sector which was not being addressed successfully either by mainstream employers or recruitment agencies.  More >>

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