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How to romance your bank manager

Establishing a long & happy relationship with your Bank starts off with getting to know your banking contacts.  View them as friends and invest some time in getting to know them as people. Show them around your business, invite them to the occasional meeting and introduce them to the senior team. Look to build a relationship and rapport. Friends help each other. If you share your vision and plans, you will inspire confidence as a consequence.  More >>


Spring cleaning your business with TAEFL

Hurray! It’s spring, the days are getting longer, a little warmer, the daffodils are blooming, the lambs are bouncing in the fields and generally there is expectation in the air. For me, it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning, not just my house, but more important- my finances. But I’m just wondering about your business finances…….. Have you spring-cleaned those yet?   More >>

Print with Shamrock for St. Patrick's day

Make this St Patrick’s Day a very special one

This year on St Patrick’s Day, Trade and Export Finance (TAEFL) is joining up with one of its strategic partners Clear Treasury, a Forex company. They will mix business with pleasure, watching The Cheltenham Gold Cup. Of course, they’ll be talking trade finance, foreign exchange and doing a bit of networking too, but they find that the cogs of trade mesh better when oiled well….over a pint of the black stuff, also known as ‘drowning the shamrock’.  More >>


Five ways to be a pro at getting business finance

We spoke to James Sinclair, a commercial finance expert at Trade Finance Global. Given the complexities and massive changes in the business funding landscape over the past few years, we were treated to a lowdown on the latest trends and key changes in business finance, along with some tips and tricks to consider if you or your company are ever looking for business finance.  More >>


A successful business requires a blend of personalities

If you are looking for a single pointer to someone’s personality, there is a simple question – “Do you believe that your glass is half full or half empty?” Apart from the inevitable ‘”Don’t knows” or a handful of philosophers who challenge the premise behind the question, most people fall into one camp or the other: they instinctively know whether they are positive or negative about life.  More >>


The advantages of speaking a second language

The majority of people in the UK cannot speak a second language, while most Europeans are fluent in at least one language other than their own. Rather than laziness on the part of the British, what it may come down to is that people in the UK don’t need to speak another language very often. We look at the potential benefits of learning additional languages. More >>


Katie Mawdsley reports on the Great Midlands Fun Run 2016

Nothing says ‘Fun Run’ less than 8.5 miles of hills! Where I run is as flat as a pancake so, although I run a lot, hills are not something I usually train on. And calling one of them Cardiac Hill doesn’t make the run any more fun! Sunday morning came and we got to meet the rest of the team. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and that got the day off to a great start.   More >>


TAEFL team enjoys having fun while supporting charity

Trade & Export Finance Ltd is an organisation which contributes in no small measure to the economy through business growth and job creation. In addition to this, our team is extremely passionate about contributing to the charity sector. This year we have chosen Breast Cancer Care as our charity of the year and will be carrying out various fund raising initiatives including completing The Great Midlands Fun Run on 5th June.  More >>


Awards round off a successful Annual Reception

Trade and Export Finance’s 4th Annual Reception and Awards Ceremony was a great success. The reception kicked off with refreshments and an opportunity to network with the wide range of guests in attendance. This created a great buzz in the room. Guests were then invited to sit down to a delicious hot-fork buffet consisting of plaice goujons, homemade beef and mozzarella lasagne, honey roasted vegetables and traditional bread and butter pudding.  More >>


Behind the scenes at Going Global

For many of the TAEFL team involved in Going Global 2015 at London Olympia, the event was the first trade show we had taken part in. We hadn’t quite realised just how much organising it would take before the opening on the 3rd of December. Simply packing up the TAEFL pop-up display and turning up on the day was far from reality. Everything from branded USBs to furniture for the stand needed to be ordered, and we only had a few weeks to go!  More >>


Mastering the job market

After months of searching for my first graduate role, and several disappointments later, I never realised things could happen so quickly. Within days of first hearing about Trade & Export Finance, I was walking up to the building about to begin my first day. My hands were shaking and I had hundreds of questions running through my mind: “What if I can’t do the work I’m set?” or “What if I don’t get along with my new colleagues?”   More >>


The many faces of a cyber attack

Cyber-attacks have recently hit the headlines and are jeopardising major corporations. The International Trade Survey (ITS), conducted by TAEFL, sponsored by AIG and published in June 2015 drew attention to this burgeoning threat when it demonstrated that only 24% of respondents considered that a cyber-attack would have a significant impact on their business.Only one in three companies believed that their understanding of cyber-risk required improvement and nearly one in two multinationals declared that they never discussed cyber risk at board level. More >>

Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeships are important to financial services

I don’t carry an oily rag. I don’t wear overalls. And I don’t lie under a motor car all day learning to tinker with a gear box. But I am an apprentice. Apprenticeships have changed enormously since the 1950s, when most were in engineering and the craft trades. They can now be found across the spectrum of business sectors, including financial services. And that’s how I came to be involved as an apprentice at Trade and Export Finance Limited as Personal Assistant Executive to the CEO.  More >>

Breakfast is a good start to networking

Organising the first of TAEFL’s Breakfast Seminars

Mark Runiewicz, the CEO of TAEFL, announced that we were going to host regular breakfast seminars and announced the date and topic of the first in the series in the customary team conference call. The topic was to be ‘Alternative funding for SMEs’ which seemed appropriate given TAEFL’s declared mission statement. As the nominated events person’, I had the task of organising the event –  with a lot of help from my colleagues.  More >>

Victoria Davis

From Fashion to Finance

Walking through the doors on my first day I saw a fresh, bright office space. Without a dress rail, mannequin or tape measure in sight, I knew that I was on a different journey. Friendly faces greeted me at the door for my new temp position and helped me find my place within the company. My first job was to answer the telephone. “Thank you for calling Trade and Export Finance Limited, Victoria speaking… How may I help you?”…. More >>

Office opening

Turning a good idea into an Official Opening

The chances are that you have read the piece in our latest newsletter or on the website about the Official Opening of our offices in Aston on 21 July.  What that news feature does not talk about, however, is all the work leading up to the ceremony itself.  I’m Katie Binnion and I’d like to tell you all about it, because it was my job to bring the whole event together as the TAEFL Apprentice. Here’s how it happened. More >>

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