Trade and Export Finance Conference - London13.06.2018

Last Thursday, the 6th of June 2018, four of TAEFL team attended the fifth Trade Finance Conference in Bishopsgate London.

As usual, it was a great day – Peter and his team certainly know how to put on an event, from the coffee to the evaluation-it was quality. As you probably know, GTR is the leading Trade and Export Finance Event organiser in the UK. We were able to listen to high quality speakers from Government level downwards, who provided food for thought, as well as insights into current world events and this was done with wisdom and humour. There was an opportunity to meet industry colleagues together with exporters, finance companies, insurance companies, forex, Trade Finance colleagues, and banking staff- all under one roof. Regarding corporates, there was also good coverage, from mid-cap range to SME’s. It was valuable to hear the latest developments in international trade finance from the ‘T’ word to the ‘B’ word – Trump and Brexit!

For us, it was an opportunity to e-engage with some of our current clients and strategic partners and certainly, we find that there is as much business done in the break-out sessions as there is in the main function area.  TAEFL team did do some valuable business on Thursday.

TAEFL has supported Peter Gubbins and his team for over 5 years now and indeed Mark Runiewicz has played an instrumental role in the past, with editing/presenting the International Trade Survey and helping with the first two events when GTR first launched in Birmingham.

Overall, it was a valuable, enjoyable experience for us and an opportunity to allow some of our clients, staff and strategic partners to attend a prestigious annual event.

“It was great to see the potential  and enthusiasm of the attendees at the GTR conference – definitely one to repeat! Our stand was constantly busy, and we have made numerous contacts that we hope to do business with in the future. I highly recommend attending GTR conferences and thank the team for impeccable organisation!” – Diana

“Having attended my first GTR event last year, I had high expectations and the organisers this year didn’t disappoint!  From the quality of the seminars and workshops, the venue and the layout, to the attendees, all of which made the event very worthwhile.  We have also had a lot of good feedback from our guests about it already too!  GTR allows SMEs to meet the industry professionals and discuss their business needs to help them grow, or even take that first step, and it is great that through Trade and Export Finance Ltd and GTR, I can support that.” – Sheetal

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