Applying Christmas spending to greater effect

Mark Runiewicz (TAEFL CEO) was at a recent event which encouraged businesses to ditch Secret Santa and instead use the money for a better cause – Kids Out, a charity supporting disadvantaged children. The charity has several initiatives and one of these is The Giving Tree which supports children who have suffered domestic violence and live in a refuge which has very few material possessions. This means that, come Christmas time, the children are unlikely to receive presents and this is where companies can contribute to making these children have a much better Christmas.

This idea interested Mark and once explained to the team, each one was keen to get on board with the scheme and signed up. Secret Santa compared with giving a child a gift was a no brainer! Each team member picked a tag off the Christmas tree which had a name (changed to protect the children), age and the gift idea, and then went shopping to buy the gift. Once bought, the gifts will be dropped off at the nominated drop off point so they can be distributed to the children for Christmas. It doesn’t take very long, it isn’t very costly and it can make a massive difference to a child.

Let’s face it, that’s what Christmas is all about and we recommend other businesses follow suit and sign up.

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