Spring cleaning your business with TAEFL

Hurray! It’s spring, the days are getting longer, a little warmer, the daffodils are blooming, the lambs are bouncing in the fields and generally there is expectation in the air. For me, it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning, not just my house, but more important- my finances.

But I’m just wondering about your business finances…….. Have you spring-cleaned those yet?

Is your financial house in order? Are you looking to expand your business this year? The first quarter is nearly through; it could be a good time to review!

Are you doing some business planning for the year ahead? Have you got the right funding in place?

What confirmed orders have you got? How are you going to fund them?

At TAEFL we may be able to help you tackle the dust and cobwebs and make your business more profitable without breaking the bank or maybe without using them! We are passionate about helping SME’s and believe that no company should have to turn away an order. We will probably use less elbow grease and more business acumen with our ‘think outside the box’ approach.

Here are a couple of examples of companies we have helped so far:

Armadillo – an LED lighting company based in Essex who with our help have lit up the Millennium Bridge, London Underground and Tower Bridge

Aviramp – a company based in Telford who have put the dignity back into embarking an aircraft, by creating step-free boarding.

We will be happy to visit your premises and in the time it takes to drink a coffee we will review your business and give you some pointers where you can become more profitable this year.

If reading this resonates with your requirements, please give us a call on 0121 794 0280, speak to Natalie, Nick or Phil. We will listen to understand your business and can quickly tell you “Yes” or “No”. In the unlikely event of a No we have trusted partners that we can refer you to. What have you got to lose? Pick up that phone!

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