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We asked Phil Hyde, our Banking specialist, to talk about his recent career change.

What did you want to do when you were little?

My parents wanted me to become a teacher but I always had a desire to be a detective in the Police Force as I thought this would match my investigative instincts!

Tell us a little about your career so far

I joined Lloyds Bank from school and started at grass roots level polishing the external night safe and reaching the position of Group Personal Banking Manager at the Wolverhampton branch with responsibility of 120 staff. I then chose to concentrate on Commercial Banking and spent the last 25 years helping SMEs achieve their ambitions and growth plans by working closely with them. I retired in October 2016 after 45 successful years with Britain’s best bank!

How did you first connect with Mark and TAEFL?

I met Mark at an awards presentation evening at the ICC just 3 days before my retirement date. The original plan was to retire and then look for a couple of part time jobs. Mark and Mary convinced me to bring some experience to the team at TAEFL and a week after I retired I started working here at TAEFL 3 days a week.

How have you found moving from a large organisation into a smaller one?

Easy – I have always worked in a team environment and the skills I learnt during a successful career with Lloyds have been easily transferable.

Can you tell us your pet hates in the workplace?

Poor timekeeping!

What is  the most valuable thing you’ve learned about business during your career?

The main reason for business failure – management, management & management.

What do you think ultimately motivates you?

Wanting to be personally successful within a high performing team environment and helping less experienced members of the team improve their skills by mentoring.

If you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be?

My blackberry – so I can receive and send emails!

If you could meet one person, who would you pick?

Sir Alex Ferguson so that I could ask him why his watch was either too fast or too slow when he was watching his team play.

Are you positive about international trade in the light of Article 50?

Yes – Britain can become a great trading country again. We can free ourselves of onerous financial obligations which can be better spent elsewhere.