‘Overcoming challenges and inspiring success’

Trade and Export Finance (TAEFL) work with a network of introducers who are from a large variety of different companies across Birmingham and the UK. The introducers contact us if they have anyone who would benefit from our services, both trade finance and our business advisory services. We have a fantastic group of introducers and we wanted to put on an event to say thank you to them and also give us a chance to reconnect with them.

We needed a good speaker for the event who would be both interesting and inspiring. Blind Dave Heeley seemed to be the ideal choice and thankfully he wasn’t booked in for any marathons that week! So on the 24th of May, Dave Heeley arrived with his gorgeous dog Seamus (much to the delight of the team!). We had around 30 introducers who were able to attend the event. After a brief networking opportunity, Dave stood up and started to tell us how he coped after he started to lose his eyesight when he was just a teenager.

As his eyesight deteriorated, his dream of joining the army was broken and he said he began to question ‘why me?’ But he said there are two options to everything in life and he chose to take the positive path and began to see it as a gift for him. He talked about the opportunities he had been given since he became blind such as driving a train, flying a plane and cutting people’s hair! He became the first blind person to run 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 different continents and since then has run a huge number of marathons and taken other endurance tests like the Marathon des Sables. He recounted some of the stories from different events and what he had learnt from them. Dave was a fantastic speaker, enthralling, challenging and very funny. I think it’s fair to say that everyone left the room totally in awe of the challenges he successfully completed.

Mark rounded off the meeting with an update about TAEFL, including the introduction of our three new members of staff since the last event: Nick, Phil and Sheetal all of whole will play active roles in new business and client relationships. The event finished with a good buffet and a chance for attendees to network, speak to Dave Heeley and buy a signed book as well! It was good to reconnect with our introducers and discuss how we can continue to improve our partnerships together in the future.

If you think your company could work with us and give added value to your clients, please get in touch with us on 0121 7940 280 or email finance@taefl.co.uk.