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Exporting into a new country can be a tricky business. There may be different laws, regulations, protocols and procedures which can make it a very difficult venture which some companies either attempt and abandon or become disillusioned before they start. However, Trade and Export Finance Limited (TAEFL) wants SMEs to achieve their full potential by having up to date relevant information, sufficient funds and knowledge to proceed securely. After meeting Simple Stuff Works, a company which in the process of exporting into the US, TAEFL and Jonathan Strassberg – an American-born lawyer – decided to provide more support and information to similar companies and so the Roadshow was born.

The aim of the Roadshow is to provide information for exporting and trading outside the EU post Brexit. A variety of issues will arise when exporting beyond the EU. Our main focus will be on exporting to the US and China. The sponsors of the Roadshow are Clear Treasury – an independent treasury company – set up by ex-corporate treasury bankers offering insight into how to manage foreign exchange risk and sharper pricing. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and offers wide ranging FX services to UK and Irish corporates. Clear Treasury offers the full spectrum of treasury hedging products which are customised to suit each client’s needs. They have collaborated with TAEFL because they also want to assist SMEs’ growth and expansion in other countries.

There is a dedicated slot for questions and answers so that attendees have the chance to raise more specific, relevant questions. A complimentary lunch gives attendees opportunities to network in greater depth following the presentations. The first event was at TAEFL’s Birmingham offices and will be followed by one in Northamptonshire Chamber on the 3rd of November and another in Stockport on the 23rd of November at the Robinsons Brewery Centre. Based on the feedback from these events, TAEFL is looking to plan further dates in the New Year at several locations in order to help SMEs throughout the UK move forward in their businesses.

If you are interested in attending either the Northampton or Stockport event, please email chloe@taefl.co.uk to confirm your attendance.

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