It’s the ‘luck’ of the Irish, or is it? ☘21.03.2018

What a week to be Irish?? The tricolour has been flown with pride. Fantastic memories created at Cheltenham with the collection of 17 winners, at Twickenham-winning the 6 Nation’s Rugby Grand Slam and on St Patrick’s Day too!

On the Rugby pitch, the boys in green excelled, even with a man down, confidence pulsing through them, bodies put on the defensive line. The question is, is it luck? Or something more distinct, maybe hard work or training. It might be composure, when all around are losing their heads. It may be clinical execution where others rush and drop the ball. It might be a combination of bravery, commitment, adventure, speed, balance, acceleration and poise, a blend of experience and youth. Schmidt, their coach spoke of them possessing three qualities; ability, consistency and of course, insanity!

However, we think there are qualities there, which are replicated in leading a small business; building a solid platform, whether it’s horses, rugby, or finding funding. Of course, there will be setbacks; with horses it’s a question of will they be fit on the day? Will the ground suit them? Will they fall at the first fence? Or will they get over the final one?

With Rugby, it’s a question of will the team be organised and have a strategy that will carry them through on the day, to win the match?

The challenges are similar in business; you plan for an order and hope that the bank will support you. Perseverance can pay dividends, horse, jockey, rugby team, leader of a business -keep trying.

Everything came together successfully for the Irish at Cheltenham and Twickenham. Here at TAEFL, we know about these business challenges and successes and the qualities required to keep going because we have ‘worn that t-shirt’ and ‘walked that walk’-we are a small business too! Thinking ahead, having a plan and fulfilling orders we know businesses can get over the line

So, talk to us -we can use our expertise and skills to help you bring success to your business. Feel free to call us on 0121 7940 280.