Interview with Sheetal Surti - 1 year on..28.06.2018

  1. When you were younger what did you want to do when you grew up?

I really wanted to be a fashion designer or a photographer.  Unfortunately, back in the day, it wasn’t the thing to do for a career so I went down a conventional route instead!

  1. Give us a brief outline of your career to date.

I started working at Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank as soon as I left school after my ‘A’ Levels, before I even had the results and I was there for 17 years, after which my role was made redundant.  In that time, I worked in retail at the branches, moving into Business and Private banking as an Assistant Account Manager, then a PA to the Managing Partner and then finally as a Regional Customer Service Centre Leader for the Midlands Region.  So I managed to get a vast amount of banking and finance experience in so many areas before I joined the TAEFL family in 2017 as a Team Leader.  I was only in this role for a short time as I was then made Head of Operations.

  1. What does your role look like at TAEFL?

The main part of my role at TAEFL is on the financing side.  It’s often described by Mark (CEO) as ‘The Treasurer’ as I’m managing the finances and budgeting for the company, including the client deals.  As well as this though, I work on a day to day basis with Mark in the general running of the business, managing the Account Managers, Accounts Analyst and PA as well as providing support on the credit risk side, business development and introducer / strategic partner relationships, just to name a few things!

  1. What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I love that no 2 days can be the same.  I have the core part of my role, which is done on a daily basis but each day is different and even a fully planned out day can shake up some surprises and provide challenges, which is great!

  1. What is your biggest motivation?

What motivates me are my children.  I know they look up to me as a role model and for guidance in every milestone they have to face.  I want to be someone that they can be proud of and be better versions of.  Especially in such a male dominated society, which is a sad, but stark reality in the financial world. I want to prove to them that being a female should never be a barrier and stop you from achieving what you want.

  1. What is your biggest achievement to date?

This has to be my qualification in Level 3 Diploma Early Years Educator.  Following redundancy from the bank, I wanted to do something other than banking / finance and decided to give childcare a go as I love being around children.  I absolutely loved the role of a Nursery Practitioner, but the studying, whilst working pretty much full time, with my own kids to run around after and keeping the house going was really tough.  But sheer determination got me through and I am now a qualified Nursery Practitioner or a TA in pre-school.  I am quite proud of myself for getting through that.

  1. What hobbies do you have?

I love reading, drawing (I even have a couple of my own paintings hung up at home) and listening to music.  I’m constantly on the go so it’s lovely to have hobbies where I can shut out the world and lose myself in something so calming.

  1. If you could take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?

Just one thing??  As much as I love peace and quiet, I hate being alone so I would take my family with me.