Informed Funding creates level playing field for finance

Taking any game-changing decision on the strength of incomplete or flawed information is a recipe for disaster.  When the decisions are being made in a business context, their outcome could have far-reaching impact across the organisation. Selecting the most appropriate combination of funds for a venture probably ranks at the top end of the business risk profile. Get it wrong, and the business owners can easily find themselves saddled with loans at rates which they cannot afford to repay, or with effective control of their business lost to equity investors.  And all because those involved in the decision-making process could not access the full range of options open to them.

Informed Funding was launched into the financial arena to increase knowledge and awareness of what is on offer from across the spectrum of funders. This covers everything from crowd-funded equity, through the alternative banking sector and private equity, to peer-to-peer lending and more specialised trade finance institutions.  It was established as a channel readily accessible to the smaller business community which has the greatest demand for quality information.

Informed Funding is an independent resource of information which  charges no introductory fees or commission on the deals which may subsequently be reached between funders and the companies which take up finance. It is first and foremost a level playing field on which sources of finance can set out their ‘stall’ cost-effectively to the widest possible audience.

Chris Dines, the CEO of Informed Funding, is the guest speaker on Alternative Business Funding at the next breakfast seminar being mounted by Trade & Export Finance at its Aston offices on 8 June.  Book your place now by clicking here.

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