Pre-run jitters at team TAEFL01.06.2018

It’s the 1st of June and there’s a mix of excitement and trepidation in the TAEFL Camp!

It’s the 6th time that we’ve taken part in the Great Midlands Fun Run. The ‘first timers’ this year are Tai, Sheetal and Diana. The tension is building…. Sheetal was feeling worried as she hasn’t had the chance to prepare physically but, she says she’s now looking forward to it, remembering the amazing and uplifting atmosphere from Mark’s Birmingham half marathon. “I’m really looking forward to it. The sense of achievement on a personal level, as I have never done anything like this before, as well as helping a charity is also a great boost!”

Diana is excited, but fears she may lose her eyelashes, especially if it rains!! It is Katie Mawdsley’s 3rd time but the first time to run with her man, Simon. It’s Ben’s third time, so he’s hopeful that he can beat last years’ time and that there’s no rain. He says,” Good luck to the rest of the team and for the first timers, you’ll be fine – drink plenty of water and listen to the crowds cheering you on, it will motivate you!!

We are privileged to have Blind Dave joining us this year with his faithful guide Tony. Unfortunately, Tracy Fletcher couldn’t make it as she is enjoying time with her new Grandchild! Amy is getting married and feels disappointed she can’t take part -she thinks it will be an enjoyable day with spirits high. “I do have to my put my wedding first though, two years planning could go down the drain if I were to injure myself!! I’m sure team TAEFL will do me proud though ? Take lots of photos, have fun all and enjoy!!”

Danielle says that she felt nervous as she has never done a run before but, was ‘definitely up for the challenge.’ However, she is -allegedly, at her Gran’s 70th birthday party! She wishes her colleagues to have a great day! Mary is happy to be taking part and enjoy the adrenaline rush as with her dodgy knees she missed out last year. Tai says this is his first fun run, “the distance is scary! However, it’s for a good cause, and it’s a team activity in TAEFL, so why not! Feeling Excited!”

“Will cardiac hill be a step too far? What will I look like at the end? No, no water on me please, you’ll spoil my hair!  Will it rain or be too hot? Will there be shade from the sun? Geoff and Jackie (Mark and Mary’s friend’s) will be expecting a sweaty hug at the Jamboree Stone!… and joy of joys we will all be dining afterwards in Pizza by Goli! I’m sure that after a few portions of garlic bread and a glass/two of red wine the aches and pains will all be forgotten! Until next year that is……….

Anthony Nolan is our charity this year, please see our website for further info on how Mark got involved with this charity. And of course, feel free to donate on ‘just giving.’