Fun Run Highlights06.06.2018

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took part on Sunday, making the day fun and helping to raise funds for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Secondly, thank you to everyone who has sponsored us for this great cause. With your help we have already raised £401.25, so it has been well worth the slight discomfort some of us were feeling  on Monday!!

The temperature on Sunday was a searing 24 degrees, phew! We were glad of the free showers from the Sutton residents. Blind Dave and his guide, Tony, joined the TAEFL Team for the run. Blind Dave happened to mention to Tony that he felt a bit hot. Next thing he knew, Tony had ‘guided’ him under a hose-pipe, removed the guiding tape and walked away leaving Dave to get a shower-everyone laughed as poor Dave got soaked through! Fortunately, Dave has a great sense of humour and saw the funny side!

All of our team felt a sense of achievement at finishing the course in good times. Ben was first back, followed by Diana, who hadn’t done any training! Poor Sheetal has a sore leg but, like a real trooper, she is marching on!

Tai said that it was easier than he thought, and he has been inspired to sign up for the Birmingham Half Marathon with Mark in October! Of course, for Mark, Simon, Katie, Blind Dave and Tony it was child’s play!

Mary got back safe and the knees held up, she loved the drama of the car park incident, general buzz, excitement and adrenaline rush which got her around and she is thinking of doing a 5k with Mark in Dublin in August!

I am pleased to say that Diana’s eyelashes passed their test with flying colours and she is considering a half marathon now!

So, all in all -a great triumph and we’ll do it all again next year!!