Twice-yearly event keeps 3,500 visitors up to speed

The highly successful Going Global returns to the ExCeL, in London Docklands, on the 11th and 12th of May. It is a one-stop marketplace for company owners and directors who are looking for key suppliers and guidance to help grow their business internationally, whether by exporting products or setting up overseas operations. Trade & Export Finance can recommend the event to any business owner looking to ‘go global’.

Without limit on the target markets or product sets which the exhibition and conference encompass, the organisers have set out to create a brand that appeals to the broadest demographic; providing a commercial boost to a UK export market targeted by the PM to reach £1 trillion a year by 2020 (but which may take another five years to reach that throughput).

Sixth outing for event since launch in 2013

The Going Global conference and exhibition are about to open for the sixth time, suggesting that the Prysm Group, which owns and organises the event, has targeted it successfully and secured critical mass for the event. Going Global was launched back in 2013 as a venue where both current and potential exporters can hone their skills when it comes to selling overseas. It has grown steadily and there will be over seventy exhibitors at the May event.

In the three years since the first outing of Going Global, the emphasis on particular regions or national markets has changed. The BRICS countries were high on many UK exporters’ agenda around the time of the first show in November 2013. The slowing down of the Chinese economy, restrictions on trade with Russia and stagnation in Brazil have changed the dynamics of that grouping and highlighted the need for exporters to identify new opportunities.

The event organisers have been adjusting their offering accordingly. In last December’s event, attention was given to the Iranian market which was being opened up for trade in the wake of the nuclear weapons agreement.

Event Director Simon Chicken noted that “The market focus on the May event is on the ASEAN countries, which will be well represented by trade experts from their UK embassies talking to visitors about how to develop exports to that trading bloc. There will be advice on how to succeed in those markets, including the importance of dealing with cultural differences encountered by European companies.”

An important route to companies needing help

While the organisers have been fine-tuning their conference agenda and specialist participants, there is a core of exhibitors at Going Global whose services are of potential interest to all exporters irrespective of the regions or vertical markets they are addressing.

Trade & Export Finance (TAEFL), a regular participant in the event, sees Going Global as an important platform for established exporters, and those who are looking to make their first overseas sale, to learn how to make exports account for a larger part of their turnover. It is an area where support from conventional banking sources is rarely forthcoming, and the situation has become progressively more difficult for SMEs.

Back in December 2015 at the London Olympia ‘edition’ of Going Global, TAEFL launched a new £1 million fund to help exporters with confirmed orders obtain finance to fund the gap between receiving an order and shipping the goods. This may involve covering the cost of purchasing materials and components from overseas suppliers in order to fulfill the orders.

For further information please visit Going Global or order your complimentary ticket here.

You can listen to a podcast interview about Going Global by David James of UK Export Advice, with Simon Chicken, the event director. Click here to access the recording.

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