Did you know about TAEFL Club?23.05.2018

At TAEFL, there’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing our client’s success; it makes us feel that we have accomplished something. Since our initiation in 2008, we have continuously been looking at ways to improve and extend our services. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service has flourished throughout the years.

As part of this process, we decided to provide a complimentary service to our clients and this is how “TAEFL Club” emerged. To help our clients further, when listening to their needs, we never miss a chance to help. Therefore, we connect our clients to our relevant contacts when we feel that this would benefit both parties.

We want our clients to trust us and we encourage them to pick up the phone and speak to us whenever needed. Their success means a lot to us because it takes us back to the roots of TAEFL’s ideals – we want businesses to work! As Mark (CEO) once said: “No business should be turning orders down due to lack of finance.”

Whether you’re an existing client or simply looking for advisory services, we can help you! Join the TAEFL Club today! Keep an eye on our website for updates on the next event we’ll be hosting!