TAEFL started working with Energetics back in 2016 and the relationship has flourished ever since.  Initially, Energetics had contacted TAEFL for funding and the subsequent trading-cycle process that was started has worked smoothly. This process forms part of TAEFL’s core business.

Energetics were appointed by a government body to supply cable cutters. Energetics sourced the goods from the United States and used their logistics system to ship the goods into the UK. TAEFL paid the US supplier and the goods were successfully delivered. The goods were then repackaged in-house and delivered to the end buyer.

When TAEFL received payment, Energetics were paid their profit.  This same process was followed for another couple of deals. And now since they’ve won more orders, finance was no longer the priority, they were then able to access TAEFL’s advisory/consultancy services as well.

Following Energetics’ consultancy services request, TAEFL has been working closely with them on bigger projects, addressing different areas of the business and TAEFL team are happy to see that their input has allowed this company to grow their business substantially.

For further information, please check the Energetics website: http://www.energetics-technology.com/


The team at TAEFL provided a quick, professional service enabling us access the funding that we needed to procure products. They provide comprehensive, clear and accurate information regarding charges and fees, which has been essential to us in terms of our financial planning.

Kevin Springthorpe - Business Development Manager

We know that TAEFL stands for a great deal