TAEFL CEO makes the case for financing exports

Watch this short video interview with Mark Runiewicz to learn how to get finance for your export growth even if the banks can’t help you.

You can listen to the full interview with Mark Runiewicz CEO of Trade and Export Finance by clicking on the podcast below. Why not listen to it on your smartphone on your way into work today?

There is no question that the banks are getting behind and supporting UK businesses that want to get into exporting. However there are times when they are institutionally unable to provide finance for export orders.

That export funding gap is where Mark Runiewicz has successfully built his group of companies from an initial £25,000 loan to one businessman to supporting £15 million of exports this year alone.

What Mark and Trade and Export Finance does is find the right finance solution for companies that have orders but not the cash to fulfill them. With a huge amount of export experience and innovative peer-to-peer lending methods, Mark and the team are able to provide funding for most situations even if the banks can’t help.

“What we do is not compete with the banks but complement the banks. It’s not going to affect the banking relationship, we work closely with banks and many of our clients are referred to us by banks who can’t help a client but know we might be able to provide a solution.”

A key message from Mark is it is worth engaging with Trade and Export Finance Ltd before you complete your negotiations with an overseas or UK based client. That way you can be confident you will be able to get funding to fulfill the order and get great advice on doing overseas trade before you’ve committed to terms – this could save you a lot of headaches later on.

Listen to the full interview with Mark and find out how you can grow your business by getting out there and winning orders even if you can’t get traditional finance. Click on the podcast below.

You can get in touch with Mark to find out more about financing your exports by calling 0121 794 0280, please do mention David James and Export.Buzz.

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