Business Planning with a Twist08.11.2017

We are really excited about our upcoming exclusive event on Thursday, 16th November 2017 with Blind Dave Heeley, entitled, ‘Business Planning with a Twist’.

Having noticed recently that some of our SME’s find ‘planning’ challenging, we thought that Mark with his expertise in Trade and Blind Dave who has done the ‘top to toe’ – (Lands’ End to John of Groats by bike and running) could combine their knowledge to guide participants through an experiential ‘planning’ journey, drawing parallels between these two different, but substantial knowledge bases.

In an informal space, it will give SME’s a chance to think about planning in general, and the importance of identifying risks early, when looking at obtaining funding for their businesses. Afterwards, there will be a buffet lunch with networking opportunities.

I first saw Blind Dave on ‘Made in Birmingham’ and was moved by his strength of character, determination and humour in dealing with his blindness. And then when I met him, I inadvertently gave him a chance to tease me by ‘not planning properly’ for his visit! On the day in question, I ran down to escort Dave from the taxi. Unfortunately, I had not thought through the small detail of 3 steps that Dave would have to negotiate en-route from the taxi to the front door, led by me, – an ex-nurse-who hadn’t thought to warn him!! Very embarrassing! Especially when he said, with a wry smile on his face, ‘there were 3 steps there, Mary were there?……. we both laughed about it and no harm was done to poor Dave……but it’s an experience I won’t forget.

Are you expecting or hoping to win an order? If so, you have probably invested much time and energy winning it. How are you going to fund it? One of our clients was expecting to receive £110k from a customer yesterday, it didn’t arrive, what does he do regarding paying his suppliers and staff wages? How do you plan for that scenario?

Another client was importing goods from China to Jaguar Landover (JL) the goods were packed in the UK, by a freight forwarder. When the goods were delivered into JL they were immediately rejected because of bad packing. Therefore, the goods had to be collected from JL, repacked and resubmitted which delayed the payment by a month. How would you cope with such delays?

Lastly, when Hanjin Shipping failed- the boats couldn’t dock or were delayed in clearing the goods on board and some of the goods couldn’t be delivered to the end buyers. There were many increased costs. How do you plan for that and what are the implications?

Mark and Dave will provide answers to some of these questions and generate more thoughts and ideas to help you and your business.