Organising the first of TAEFL’s Breakfast Seminars

A blog by Katie Binnion

Mark Runiewicz, the CEO of TAEFL, announced that we were going to host regular breakfast seminars and announced the date and topic of the first in the series in the customary team conference call. The topic was to be ‘Alternative funding for SMEs’ which seemed appropriate given TAEFL’s declared mission statement. As the nominated events person’, I had the task of organising the event –  with a lot of help from my colleagues.

This event was to be held in partnership with BCRS Business Loans, whose own team provided assistance in organising this event.

Compiling a list of people to invite was easy compared with the office opening back in July as we planned to invite mainly introducers. I liaised with BCRS for their guest list. An invitation was sent out to all guests using a mail merge program and we waited for the responses to flood in…..

Getting the priorities right

While waiting for replies, I created a list of what was left to do. It was obvious that as this was a ‘breakfast seminar’, so some form of breakfast was essential, so what could be better than the tried and tested favourite bacon and sausage butties – and other options to cater for all requirements. And there were scrumptious cupcakes and pastries courtesy of Mary.

As this was the second event I was helping to organise since joining TAEFL I was better prepared, and the final few days before the event were therefore not as hectic. BCRS had been very cooperative and we worked well together so that all materials were prepared in a timely manner.

Even better than just having the PowerPoint prepared with time to spare, some of the TAEFLteam and I arrived at the office around 6.40 am to put the final touches in place ready for the 7.30 am kick off (although we were still a bit sleepy).

Overall, I would say the breakfast was a hit.  And the seminar did not go down badly!

The food, drink and conversation flowed superbly and the head count was good. It would seem however that we may have had too high an expectation of our guests’ appetites at 7.30, as there were quite a few butties left.  Our colleague Stuart Relton soon ‘accommodated’ those.

Mark’s presentation – which he gave in turn with Lakhbir Singh from BCRS – was most informative and left the guests wanting more, as there were many interesting questions.

Since hosting the Breakfast seminar we have had positive feedback over e-mail and telephone and it seems that many people are keen to attend the next one.

We would like to thank Matthew Slater and Lakhbir Singh from BCRS Business Loans for all their hard work and commitment to this event. It was a pleasure to work with the BCRS team in this way.

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