April Showers Bring May Flowers!25.04.2018

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”! It is said to give a rainy day a silver lining. It can also mean metaphorically, that a period of discomfort can be the starting point for a period of happiness/success. However, in reality the April rain provides vital nourishment for flowers to bloom in May.

If your financial situation is experiencing discomfort or needs some ‘nourishment’? We have the nutrients to help make it grow! If you have orders from creditworthy buyers – we can help. Here is an example of what we can do:

Complete Kidz (CK) is a CIC based in Sandwell. They provide a non-statutory, community-based approach to education, sport, nutrition, arts and extended curriculum for children. These innovative activities are fun and healthy – using both sport and performing arts to keep children active and entertained. For a closer look and insight into their company, please visit their website:
TAEFL began working with CK in 2015 to help fund contracts for the services provided to schools. This relationship has evolved over the last two years and in May 2017, Mark, TAEFLs’ CEO introduced CK to Nick Carter -one of our investors. Nick is using his skills and experience in business development to help CK grow.

Nick has worked closely with Jo Hayden, the CEO to help move the business forward. Jo has found Nick’s help to have been instrumental in allowing her to make necessary changes within the business and Nick has been the link between with TAEFL and CK. Jo says, “this has helped us to focus on our core business as well as introducing new products and services.”

Jo goes on to say, “when we were approached to have Nick as a Business Consultant we were a
little apprehensive and didn’t want someone to come in and change everything. The fact that Nick and I have an open and transparent relationship has been key. We have learned from each other- Nick learning about sports and education and myself learning more about business. It is often a lonely place as the head of a business, and what has been beneficial is knowing that I have someone to refer to, when needing advice or to just talk through various issues.

A different perspective often helps and has enabled me to make some challenging decisions. Another important factor in our relationship is the opportunity to be able to think outside the box and realising that what is the norm in other businesses may not have been the fit for us, so we
have had to rethink the way we do things.”

We have also appointed an intern from Aston Business School to work with Nick. This allows a much needed practical approach and simultaneously, an amazing opportunity/internship for Aston student Tai Fox, to experience at first hand, the dos and don’ts of running a business!