TAEFL head office now 'officially' open after ribbon-cutting ceremony03.08.2015

Ribbon-cutting ensures that TAEFL Offices open in style

There are Openings and there are Official Openings. Trade & Export Finance completed the first of these after Easter, as we reported in the April-May 2015 edition of this newsletter. The group had moved lock, stock and barrel from Erdington to Aston – only a short distance away by road, but an important step in operational terms for the business. That opening was intentionally a low key affair, with the whole team tasked with ensuring seamless continuity of services to the group’s expanding client base. They succeeded.

The Official Opening of the offices on July 21 was an altogether different milestone. It was an opportunity for the group – TAEFL, UK EXIM and UK EXIM Finance, along with Funding Your Business – to set down markers for those businesses; a chance to highlight the specialised services which the group provides in support of well-run Micro Enterprises, SMEs and MidCap companies.

Aston Business School recognises TAEFL initiatives

The choice of the guest to open the offices at Crystal Court was hugely significant. Professor George Feiger, Executive Dean of Aston Business School (ABS), may not have travelled far that morning to cut the ribbon, but his involvement in the ceremony was ample recognition of the close links already established between ABS and the TAEFL companies. Several students have joined TAEFL while completing, or immediately after gaining, their degrees in in finance from ABS.

Professor Feiger was supportive of the role that TAEFL is playing in the smaller business community. ”One thing that struck me when I arrived in Aston two years ago from San Francisco was the extent to which the UK had failed to innovate in the field of finance for small enterprises, which account for the bulk of enterprises in every economy. There was an absence of mezzanine finance specialists prepared to take credit risks that conventional banks would not take, and on a scale which a large scale lender would not deal with.

“I was encouraged when I first met Trade & Export Finance by the admirable business being run by admirable people. They are trying to change this situation and, as a Business School, we are keen to foster such initiatives.”

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